About Us

A word from our founder.

It’s no secret that I’m a good time gal. It’s also no secret that I am Thee Queen of self care! Which, honestly, should go hand in hand! Nothing made me more aware of that than sitting with myself during the pandemic and coming to terms with what self care looks like for me.
I allowed myself to feel and to recenter the way I treat myself going forward in the non-stop pace life of a supersonic Superstar. All puns intended!

So, why not tap in to that?!

That’s why I am so ecstatic to introduce the first product, AfterParty™, in a line of truly incredible dietary supplements that not only help my body and mind, but also gives me the power to embrace my own momentum and encourages others to do the same.
I’m so thrilled about starting this journey and cannot wait for you all to join me!
Welcome to the world of Fleuressence!